Chestnut strengthens the heart and brain

What is in it (the chestnut tree) and also its fruit,
is very useful against any weakness that is present in humans. ”
Hildegard of Bingen


When it gets colder outside and the leaves fall, the chestnuts season, is back. Roasted or boiled, the chestnut or maroni is one of the nutritious food besides the original spelt and fennel according to Hildegard of Bingen.

Chestnut products according to Hildegard of Bingen

Because the Chestnut season lasts only a short time, there are many delicacies of Maria Adam natural products that can be enjoyed all year round. Browse through the many sweet chestnut and chestnut products from the online shop and let for example the Chestnut dessert, chestnut curd or chestnut pancakes melt on your tongue. Even if it should be done quickly – with the Fit & Fix basic dishes, no problem.

Bake and cook with chestnuts

With the practical baking mix of Maria Adam natural products, you can now also enjoy oven-fresh chestnut semolina on Sundays. Spread with quince jam or chestnut honey, gives you the best start to the day. Also recommended: Chestnut mini muffins, original spelt fruit cereal with chestnuts, the chestnut cookies or the delicious original spelt-chestnut-sauce, which is perfect with noodles.

Herba mellis – beauty from within

Herba mellis proves that Chestnut is also an absolute beauty product – the Chestnut herbal honey mixture of Maria Adam natural products. Beautiful, smooth skin, firm fingernails and full hair are the result of this anti-aging product. That’s beauty that actually comes from within

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