Christmas gift ideas by Hildegard of Bingen

An extraordinary gift are beautiful gemstones. Hildegard knew about the subtlety of every single stone. According to Hildegard, the Agate makes a sensitive conversation and the Chalcedon speaks eloquently. At the same time gives the gemstone positive vibrations. You can read the individual properties from our online shop. Whether as a single stone, necklace or pendant. These gems actually have lasting value.

How to make you bed

A Spelt pillow provides a particularly restful and deep sleep. The Spelt litter acts as a biological accumulator, which emits good vibrations to the person sleeping and keeps radiation away. The neck nape with Spelt litter and herbs also support the muscles and reduce night sweats. Our tip against nightmares: Betonika pillow helps with wonderful dreams.

Badger promotes blood circulation

„In the badger resides the power of the lion,“ said Hildegard of Bingen. The coat promotes blood circulation, keeps you warm and helps as a joint warmer and with back problems. It does not matter whether you opt for a badger skin, for our beautiful badger belts or for the comfortable badger shoes. You will not want to miss the pleasant massage effect and the invigorating effect of badger fur.

For gourmets and sweet tooths

We have many ideas for gourmets and sweet-tooths. Simply put your individual gift package together. How about, for example sweet and spicy Fit & Fix basic products, the non-alcoholic energy drink White Angel, which stimulates without upsetting and the delicious honeys and jams? There are even more Christmas gift ideas from our online shop.