Cupping is a more than 5,000 year old natural healing process, in which suction glasses are placed on the skin to be treated. The vacuum in the cupping glass, pulls the skin is in a few centimeters and creates a negative pressure. This creates a stimulus in the organism and can release blockages. The cupping is done mainly on the back, since this is where the reflex zones are located, which are connected to individual organs in the body. The targeted cupping of these skin zones directly influences and activates the corresponding organs.

Cupping activates the self-healing powers in the body, accelerates the healing process and promotes the body’s own immune system. It also promotes blood circulation and is also used for tension.

(Mrs. Mag. Sonnleitner)


When does the therapy start?

– for back pain
– Menstrual pain
– Headache
– Detoxification aid
– Neck pain
– or simply as a preventive measure so that tensions cannot establish themselves at all

Does the treatment have side effects?

The treatment is ideal for people of all ages. The place where the suction cups worked mostly shows slight bruises, which are however, a desired therapeutic goal and disappears after a few days without treatment.
Fatigue can (but does not have to) be felt as a result of the treatment.


You should come to the cupping appointment on an empty stomach, the therapy is then more effective (drinking is allowed).

We have been using cupping therapy for many years and are convinced of its positive effect. Many patients have already benefited from this, but we would like to point out the following: The cupping therapy can cause the skin to turn blue, and in some cases, the areas also hurt. This condition can last for several days. Also feeling tired is quite common. If you have questions about the therapy or need support, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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