Dental care according to Hildegard of Bingen

Regular oral hygiene not only keeps teeth and gums fit, but also the whole organism. Dental wine or dental elixir according to Hildegard of Bingen is a natural dentifrice with real grapevine ash.

In chronic hyper-acidity, the body removes alkaline minerals to neutralize the body’s acids, among other things, tooth enamel. Children who consume many acid-forming foods such as sugar, sweets, fast food or white flour products (except Spelt wheat flour) suffer from hyper-acidity at an early stage due to malnutrition. One consequence of this is tooth decay.

Dental care without fluorine

Anyone looking for a natural dental care without fluoride and without chemical additives should try the dental elixir according to Hildegard of Bingen. It makes the enamel particularly resilient, brightens the teeth with regular use, protects against further discoloration and gingivitis.

“Brush teeth and gum with it and that gum will be healthy and your teeth will be firm and beautiful.” Hildegard of Bingen
Simply leave a glass of liqueur in the mouth twice daily and then brush the teeth with the liquid. Rinse with water.