Energy cube – snacking according to Hildegard

Every child likes to snack even adults feel every now and then the desire for sweets. Be enticed to snack without regret!

With the new ones Energy cubes snacking becomes a (health) experience. Because this new product can satisfy more than just the sweet cravings.

Thus, the Quittigal energy cube the valuable vitamin C of the quince, as well as minerals such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus. The bite-size chews cubes from our “Naturally Better for More Joy of Life” series are particularly easy to digest, an ideal dietary supplement and a real alternative to snacking.

Snacking and vitamins

The completely novel combination of Quince, White Angel, Mulberry, Cornelian cherry, Blackthorn(Schlehdorn) and Licorice contain active substances that optimally support the effects of vitamins and minerals.

The fruity Quittigal energy cubelicorice energy cube with quince, or the White Angel energy cube (donates energy) are to be chewed directly without liquid and replace so many treats throughout the day. Besides, they are also handy for the office and traveling.

New in the assortment are the mulberry energy cube, the blackthorn energy cube as well as the cornelian cherries energy cube!

Nutritionist Maria Adam: ” We have developed an optimal nutritional supplement, with the Energy cube. It can be consumed in a form that comes closest to feeding.”

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