Fasting for body, mind and soul

When we talk about food, we usually refer to physical food, completely forgetting that there is also a soul and spiritual food. Body, mind and soul equally require food. Signals that mean either mental or spiritual hunger are consistently decoded as a physical appetite for food. This fatal error causes us to stuff so much food into it, but our soul and mind remain malnourished.

Fasting according to Hildegard

The key to a balanced body harmony is in any case the recognition of the deepest physical mental needs. Inappropriate eating habits and eating disorders arise when the contact with one’s own feelings is lost and self-esteem is made dependent on body weight.

Fasting for the body. Mind and Soul

Our relationship with our body is not always loving. We are rarely in contact with our needs. We rarely take the time to listen to our inner selves to hear what the body needs and wants. And we almost never thank it for everything it does for us every minute. To make life easier and healthier, we have put together our fasting products in a package for you. With the easy-to-understand instructions you can optimally detoxify, deacidify and purify your body.
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