Habermus (Brenntar) according to Hildegard of Bingen

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) already knew that having a hot breakfast is important for a perfect start to the day. It ensures that the digestive process accelerate gently and that famous lows in the early afternoon does not occur.

For Hildegard of Bingen the Habermus, a warm porridge made from original spelt groats with fruit, is the ideal breakfast. It contains all the important nutrients and provides “good blood” according to Hildegard of Bingen. At the same time, warm food is important to start the day. No cold breakfast has to be painstakingly processed by the body, while hot food can be converted immediately. The extra energy that the stomach and intestine do not need to work is available to us. But it is not just the heat that is important. But also what’s inside.

“The Spelt is the best grain, it is warm, fat and strong and milder than other cereals.” it gives one who eats it, right flesh and blood. “it provides happy feeling and joy in the mind.” Hildegard of Bingen

Uncrossed Original Spelt

The uncrossed original Spelt contains all the valuable nutrients that the body needs to start the day. Important carbohydrates, sufficient protein, unsaturated fatty acids, fiber and many basic minerals for a balanced acid-base. An essential companion in the fruit oatmeal are the Galgant and Bertram spices, which are able to additionally stimulate digestion.

Habermus Recipe

For a warm Habermus breakfast just boil a cup of Spelt groat in two cups of water until a porridge is formed. Add a grated apple or other fruit, just before the end of the cooking time. Sprinkle with Galgant and Bertram and sweeten with fruit punch. A delicious and healthy breakfast is ready. If you love it faster, just take our Fit & Fix basic products. There is pure Fruit habermus or optionally mixed with sour cherry or apple slices.