Healthy and slim through fasting according to Hildegard

This way you gently and effectively get the body in motion and at the same time allow kilos to tumble. Stress, hecticness and improper nutrition lead to acidification of our bodies. The result: cell aging processes are promoted; we feel burned out, tired and unbalanced. With the base and therapeutic fasting according to Hildegard of Bingen, one can gently and easily restore the body’s performance and resistance – in addition, excess weight disappears automatically.

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In practice, therapeutic or alkaline fasting means avoiding acid-forming foods such as meat, sausages, dairy products; refined white sugar, coffee and alcohol. Base-forming foods such as fruits, vegetables, Spelt, herbs, almonds and vegetable fats are consumed. This basic therapeutic diet according to Hildegard is an exceptionally mild form of fasting and yet has a particularly effective effect.

In contrast to extreme fasting, the body is adequately supplied with nutrients during the base diet. Almost everything that the body basically metabolizes can be enjoyed, without starving. The fasting is supplemented by Hildegard’s detoxifying intestinal cleansing and relaxing liver-herbal wrap, invigorating herbal teas, alternating showers and lots of exercise.

Regularly schedule relief days

At least once a year, such therapeutic fasting should take place under medical supervision. In case of hyperacidity, regular relief days (fennel, quince, chestnut, or spelt days) are also indicated as therapy. Base powder and base herbal mixtures can only offer support, but they will not bring lasting success without a change in diet to basic foods. Base or therapeutic fasting helps you to learn to enjoy and to permanently change your diet. Free according to Naturally Better Founder Maria Adam: “Your food should be your remedy.”

All in – Naturally Better-fasting packages

The healing or base fasting according to Hildegard becomes especially easy with the Naturally Better fasting packages from Maria Adam Natural Products. No matter whether “easy-fasting”, “therapeutic fasting” or the extensive“slim-food”package – with fasting base soup, habermus, fennel teas, herbal wrap and more, the Naturally Better fasting packages contain everything for a healthy start to an easier life ,

There is even more information on base and therapeutic fasting in the book “Therapeutic fasting according to Hildegard of Bingen; deacidify, detoxify, purify “. Step by step the importance of Hildegard’s fasting for the human organism is explained here. Complemented with delicious recipes that are easy and convenient to cook, this book is an absolute must-read for a healthy, lasting dietary change.
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