Healthy throughout autumn and winter

Prevention is better than cure. However, it is difficult to withstand the general bacterial and viral attack, especially in autumn. But if it finally does hit, then you can handle and have everything under control according to Hildegard of Bingen with well-tried natural home remedies.


Sage or sage tabs have a degumming effect. According to Hildegard vermouth oil is also regarded as a means of the hour. It belongs in every medicine cabinet, because it can be used safely especially for children. Andorn (white horehound) herbal wine helps as well, but caution is advised, since – as in any case of illness – the doctor should be consulted. Because with bronchitis, dry cough and whooping cough, the Andorn herbal wine is not applicable. Here, ground tansy should be preferred. Hildegard recommends adding a tablespoon powder of Spelt fine flour in salted and boiling water, after being smoothly stirred with cold water.

Masterwort is one of the most tried and tested remedies. According to Hildegard, the crushed root should be pour over wine and leave it overnight. Add fresh wine in the morning and drink for three to five days on an empty stomach. Pelargonia(Geraniums) mulled wine mixture, pelargonia spray (Gripp-Ex-Spray) or pelargonia -Tabs also help. An excellent remedy for earache or headache is the oily vine drops , which should be shaken before use, so that drops and olive oil combine together. Finally, the Akelei drops should be mentioned, which should be used in cold conditions.

It goes without saying that all treatments are to be understood as tips and never avoid going to the doctor. All home remedies can be ordered here from the online shop! Visit the online store or just click on the appropriate home remedies to get to the product immediately. Incidentally, your product order is always accompanied by the appropriate instructions for use.