Herba mellis – beauty from within

Cell renewal by Herba mellis – It works.

An interview with Herba Mellis producer Maria Adam.

What is Herba mellis?

Maria Adam: Herba mellis is our top product. As a nutritionist and Hildegard specialist I developed Herba mellis according to the theory of subtlety by Hildegard of Bingen. It is a honey-chestnut-herb mix with minerals. The special active ingredient combination with many nutrients and phytochemicals causes a regeneration of the entire body cells. Metabolic substances are disposed of and new, healthy cells are formed. Herba mellis therefore helps one to stay fit and healthy.

What experiences have you had with Herba mellis?

Maria Adam: Personally, I do not want to miss my daily spoonful of Herba mellis pecus. Many customers have also written to me about their positive experiences! My older customers tell me that generally they feel fit and healthy.

You have also developed a Herba mellis line for pets?

Maria Adam: Exactly. Herba mellis pecus, which was specially developed for our pets, has an excellent effect on our four-legged friends. I tested it myself on my German Shepherd Rosi, who came to me very sick and neglected. Now it has a beautiful, shiny coat, velvety paws and it is fitter and more alive than ever. Herba mellis pecus also eliminates unpleasant fumes and odours from the mouth. Herba mellis pecus is suitable for all pets no matter how big or small.

Why is it so important to continuously take Herba mellis?

Maria Adam: The entire cells of our body are renewed in an annual rhythm. In order to fully exploit the combination of active substances, one should take Herba mellis for a year. However, in the first three months, three mocha spoons daily before or after meals are enough. For the next three months one needs to take two mocha spoons daily and the last six months, the recommended consumption is reduced to one mocha spoon per day. Herba mellis is available to buy separately, or in the favourable annual treatment.
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