Herba mellis pecus – good for your animal

Agility, fitness and vitality for your four-legged. With Herba mellis pecus you give your animal more vitality.
Whether it’s a cat, dog, horse, mouse or hamster animal owner, who want to do something good for your darling, just have it easy. Herba mellis pecus Herba Mellis pecus is a unique honey-chestnut-herb blend with valuable ingredients that help your four-legged to improve its resistance. The vitamins, minerals such as potassium, magnesium and secondary plant substances have a cell regenerating and regenerating effect. Numerous reports from enthusiastic “masters” prove the extraordinary results.

Silky fur and reduced effluvia

Herba Mellis pecus promotes fur growth and makes it silky shiny. The paws become velvety and soft. At the same time, regular intake of Herba mellis pecus reduces unpleasant breath and odors from the mouth. Due to its intensive effect on the mucous membrane itching and allergies are alleviated. Overall, the chestnut-honey-herb mixture gives a healthy and vital appearance. It also increases the vitality and zest for life of your four-legged.

User reviews

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