Intestinal cleansing with the Bear root pear- honey-treatment

Intestinal cleansing with the Bear root pear- honey-treatment

Hildegard of Bingen once described the “Bear root Pear- honey-Treatment”as “more valuable than gold”. Hildegard of Bingen knew that a healthy intestinal tract is one of the most important prerequisites for the maintenance of health.

In fact, from a medical point of view, we now know that the intestine is one of the most important sources of health. Because the intestinal bacteria prepare our food, so that we can only absorb the essential nutrients in the body. The prerequisite for a healthy and strengthened immune system sits in the intestine.

Regular detoxification helps

If the intestine no longer properly absorbs food, toxins develop and, as a result, diseases that lead to chronic inflammation, rheumatism, allergies, migraines and even the most serious illnesses. Those who detoxify regularly with the Bear root pear- honey-treatment can easily prevent these “civilization diseases”.

Hildegard writes: “The Pear- honey-Treatment is the most delicious electuary and more valuable than gold because it dispels the migraines and reduces the dullness and eliminates all bad fluid and cleanses people as you clean a pot of mold

Taking the Bear root Pear- honey-Treatment:

A teaspoonful on an empty stomach in the morning, 2 teaspoonful at noon after lunch and 3 teaspoonful again before going to bed. The Bear root Pear- honey-Treatment One should do this for 3 to 4 weeks. It protects against hyperacidity and the formation of bad fluids, strengthens the body’s defenses and detoxifies the body Those who regularly a year undertakes Bear root Pear- honey-Treatment according to Hildegard enjoys the best prevention against diseases.

In our shop there is the Bear root Pear- honey-Treatment as a ready-made spice mixture – for those who want to make this treatment themselves (the exact instructions can be found on the back of the pack) and the finished Bear root Pear- honey-Treatment in the glass (you need 4-5 glasses per person for a treatment)!

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