Kitchen poisons according to Hildegard

Hildegard of Bingen swore on Spelt food as basis for a healthy diet and a lot of fruits and vegetables. According to Hildegard of Bingen, some foods that are generally considered healthy belong to the so-called “kitchen poisons”. They have a bad influence on human health.

They weaken the immune system and according to Hildegard of Bingen should be completely taken out from our diet: These so-called “kitchen poisons”:
The leek, for example, is “eaten raw as bad and perishable to man as useless herb, because it reverses the blood and putrefaction and the fluids of man into the opposite, … so that the putrefaction in it is not reduced and so the bad fluids in it are not cleansed. ” If you want to enjoy leeks, you need to salt it and soak it in vinegar or wine for half a day. Another kitchen poison is pork. For “its meat is neither good for healthy nor for sick people to eat, because it does not reduce the mucus nor any other weakness in man, but multiplies.”


Healthy alternatives

Whoever bans the culinary poisons from his/her menu, has nothing to give up: instead of strawberries Hildegard recommends raspberries, blackberries and currants. Peaches and plums should be replaced with apricots and apples. Spring onions can be used instead of leeks. The alternatives to pork are varied: chicken, beef or game are much healthier and have at least much flavour.