Cooking and fasting seminars

In the Hildegard center at Gunskirchen you will learn all about a conscious life according to Hildegard by Maria Adam in individual cooking presentations, lectures and seminars.

Discover delicious delicacies and be enticed by healthy Hildegard cuisine by Maria Adam in a cooking presentation.

Spend relaxing hours at the Hildegard center in Gunskirchen. Take advantage of the opportunity of individual consultation and buy directly from the shop at the Hildegard Center.

Cooking and fasting seminars for your well-being

Be amazed at how easy and fast it is to provide your body with high-quality nutrients. Maria Adam shows how to lose kilos with the delicious Hildegard cuisine without starving. Ideal for purifying, detoxifying and deacidifying: The fasting seminars for proper fasting according to Hildegard of Bingen. Also, learn to mix your own herbs and elixirs for your health. In order to be able to satisfy you during our cooking demonstrations and seminars, we kindly ask you to register in groups of 8 to 10 persons.