Maria Adam Natural Products

Through years of research work, Maria Adam developed a nutrition program according to Hildegard which promotes and sustains health. Among the raw materials of our naturally better for more joie de vivre (joyful-life) – products includes the original spelt, selected fruits and vegetables, which we refine with high-quality herbs and spices. We manufacture our products ourselves. Strictly controlled from cultivation to harvest, we process only organic food in our autonomous production facility, the Hildegard farm. The subtle healing powers of our ingredients are ideally combined.

More than enough

The Maria Adam natural products does more than satisfy, they give more joy to life. They support vitality, give warmth, are uplifting, cause joyfulness and strengthen the immune system. All Maria Adam natural products are free of preservatives, flavour enhancers, flavourings or other artificial additives. All our products are suitable for the vegetarian diet and, if prepared accordingly, also for the vegan diet. Just check the ingredients list.

Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets

We feel well, only when body, mind and soul are in harmony. An extensive range of information about our company, the naturally better for more joie de vivre (joyful-life) – products and their diverse effect can be found in our Hildegard Club magazine. All our products are suitable for vegetarian diets. Most of our products are made without egg and are therefore highly recommended for vegan cuisine. Simply find out more about the ingredients list of the individual products in our online shop.