Blackthorn jam

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    Packaging unit: 220g glass

    Ingredients: pure blackthorn fruit pulp, raw cane sugar, lemon juice

    Jam from blackthorn. More than 60% fruit content and sweetened with raw cane sugar.

    The blackthorn (= fructus pruni spinosae) jam should definitely be tried. The blackthorn fruit spread is particularly versatile should not be missing in any kitchen – we also pass this tasty jam to wild or meat dishes.

    Even in the sweet variety of our wonderful quince potted dumplings or chestnuts, this jam cannot be missing.

    The blackthorn contains a lot of tannins; flavonoids; Dyes such as the anthocyanins (gr. anthos = bloom, cyanos = blue); Fruit acids (malic acid …); a lot of vitamin C; Minerals.

    All dyes in the plants are among the phytochemicals. They are said to have a positive effect as an antioxidative natural cell protection and so-called. “Free radical scavengers”!

    “… the sloes fruits should be candied with honey and eat them often.” […] If one gets sick in the morning, one should roast sloes above open flame, that is, one should frizzle them or boils them in water and eat them often and they will take away that Stomach garbage and mucus. ” (Dr. Hertzka, Dr. Strehlow / Large Hildegard pharmacy)


    Nutritional information in 100 g

    Calorific value: 540 kj (110 kcal)
    Protein: 0.7g
    Carbohydrates: 28.0g
    Fat: 0.2g

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