Saxifraga seed (Breakstone seed)

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Packaging unit: approx. 0.04 g, 1000- 1500 seeds (you need approx. 5-6 bags for a course of treatment)

Saxifraga seed (Breakstone seed)

Hildegard of Bingen says: “If mucus builds up in the intestinal tract or in the (urine) bladder in the human body and becomes hard as a stone, then crush saxifraga seed (Breakstone seed) into water and leave them often after meal – never on an empty stomach! – drink, and what hardens and locks itself in that person like a stone, breaks, and that person is healed. ” refer to the large Hildegard pharmacy (Dr. Hertzka)

Recipe: Saxifrage seed daily 1/2 Msp. in 1/2 glass of water after meals



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