Quince makes you alive!

According to Hildegard of Bingen, the quince is one of the most important remedies ever. It helps in preventing and healing of many joint diseases.

Quince – the golden apple

The “golden apple” which Paris presented to Aphrodite was probably a quince. The curative among the old fruit varieties is a wonderful preventive. With an annual quince treatment many joint diseases will certainly not occur.

Vitamins of the quince

The quince besides tartaric acid, malic acid, sugar and tannin contains many minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus as well as large amounts of vitamin C and a lot of pectin as an excellent gelling agent. The quince juice has an astringent effect on the stomach lining.

Quince in its diversity

Try our delicious and varied quince products such as the quince juice for dilution. The sweet quince desserts, the quince slices or the 100% pure quince jam for your imaginative cake creations. You can find even more quince products here.