Sweet and healthy delicacies

Healthy and delicious too. These recipe ideas are guaranteed to be a big seller at every summer party. With our Fit & Fix base products, the whole thing goes absolutely fast.

It will be an appetizing summer, but it also tastes good at any other season. We have put together the best recipe ideas for you here. How about ice cream pancakes? Depending on your taste, simply use our Fit & Fix base product, chestnut pancake or our original spelt-quince crepes and fill them with your favourite ice cream. With chocolate sauce and icing, this dessert is not only a delicacy for children. Whoever wishes can also fill the pancakes or crepes with fruity jam from our range or fresh berries.

Chestnut or coffee dessert

Just as tasty and quick: the quince dessert or the chestnut pot dumplings . Simply prepare according to the package instructions, add ice cream, garnish with cream and with a new summer dessert is ready. Gourmets crown the creation with a shot of fruit punch. Because our mulberry, quince, sour cherry or fruit punch is ideal for sweetening dishes. For those who prefer it tart, go for our coffee cream dessert from the Fit & Fix base product line. Prepare again according to the package instructions and preferably refine with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This is how summer tastes really good.

Sparkling summer drinks

Our full fruit juices are also great for sweetening and refining dishes. Just let your imagination run wild. By the way,quince, mulberry, cornelian cherry and medlar full fruit juice can be sprinkled with soda or mineral and ice-cooled very well as a non-alcoholic summer drink. Those who prefer it lively should mix the popular White Angel energy drink with sparkling wine or prosecco. The cool hit at every barbecue or on the holidays.