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The easy fasting plan for body, mind and soul!

The easy fasting plan for body, mind and soul! Knives and forks are to blame for the fact that more and more people give up their spoons! Hildegard of Bingen on fasting: “If you are not completely healthy and not yet ill, moderate fasting brings health. Even the healthy should also take this treatment because […]

Detoxify with duckweed herbal drink

See here the new: duckweed folder So small and yet so strong. The duckweed helps the body to get rid of environmental toxins and restore the balance of fluid. Hildegard of Bingen attributes special powers to the duckweed. It drains environmental toxins from the body and restores the balance of our organism. According to the […]

Bloodletting according to Hildegard of Bingen

It has a detoxifying and purifying effect on the entire organism and prevents diseases. Hildegard of Bingen describes the bloodletting in her books as detoxifying and purifying. The blood is freed from “bad fluids” and waste products. This leads to a stimulation of the immune system and the production of new, fresh blood. Only by […]