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The easy fasting plan for body, mind and soul!

The easy fasting plan for body, mind and soul! Knives and forks are to blame for the fact that more and more people give up their spoons! Hildegard of Bingen on fasting: “If you are not completely healthy and not yet ill, moderate fasting brings health. Even the healthy should also take this treatment because […]

Healthy and slim through fasting according to Hildegard

This way you gently and effectively get the body in motion and at the same time allow kilos to tumble. Stress, hecticness and improper nutrition lead to acidification of our bodies. The result: cell aging processes are promoted; we feel burned out, tired and unbalanced. With the base and therapeutic fasting according to Hildegard of […]

Fasting for body, mind and soul

When we talk about food, we usually refer to physical food, completely forgetting that there is also a soul and spiritual food. Body, mind and soul equally require food. Signals that mean either mental or spiritual hunger are consistently decoded as a physical appetite for food. This fatal error causes us to stuff so much […]