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Nutrition according to Hildegard of Bingen – The Spelt

Forscher haben festgestellt, dass mehr als 40 % unserer Gesundheit von der Ernährung abhängt. Nur 10 % sind genetisch und durch Umwelteinflüsse bedingt. Unsere Ernährungs- und Lebensgewohnheiten haben direkte Auswirkung auf unsere Gesundheit. Lebensmittel sollen deshalb zu unseren Heilmitteln werden. Wir stellen die wichtigsten Lebensmittel der Hildegard-Ernährung vor. Dinkel ist die Nummer 1 bei der […]

Habermus (Brenntar) according to Hildegard of Bingen

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) already knew that having a hot breakfast is important for a perfect start to the day. It ensures that the digestive process accelerate gently and that famous lows in the early afternoon does not occur. For Hildegard of Bingen the Habermus, a warm porridge made from original spelt groats with fruit, […]

Sweet and healthy – pastries for Advent and Christmas

It does not always have to be just Vanilla crescents and Co, which should be on the pastry dish during Advent and Christmas season. Those who wants to provide a little healthy and yet delicious variety, can use the delicious biscuits and pastries from Maria Adam natural products. The Nerve biscuits according to Hildegard of […]