The Vermouth drink is here!

Finally spring! An excellent time that brings us joy and makes us active again. Nature awaits us with its many leisure activities! This time is ideal for Hildegard’s spring treatment. Hildegard of Bingen recommends a thorough inner spring cleaning, after all, the organism has had to process a lot of fat, sweet and heavy food. Our body can now use a lot of natural support to make us forget the small and big nutritional sins – to restart the immune system! Vermouth as a fountain of youth Hildegard of Bingen recommends that you cleanse your body and detoxify it, in order to start the new spring again unstressed and fresh. According to Hildegard, the Vermouth is a true fountain of youth which our indigenous nature gives us. Hildegard of Bingen lists in her writings a number of beneficial effects, which can be achieved with this vermouth drink   : A universal Hildegard remedy This drink   is a true universal remedy. It also tastes excellent because it is prepared with fresh spring vermouth juice, good wine and the best honey. Health & Vitality for life In addition   Vermouth brings the digestion back to the natural balance   – nothing is beautiful as being able to feel healthy and free!   The last step to happiness is almost done, thanks to Hildegard of Bingen and her helpful advice always! Order the   Vermouth drink now   treatment pack (8 bottles)