Vitamins and nutrients – Power-Punch according to Hildegard of Bingen

Vitamins and nutrients – Power-Punch according to Hildegard of Bingen

Only a few weeks until Christmas. The fragrance precedes the most beautiful time of the year. Fine pastries and delicious punch put everyone in the Christmas spirit. Let yourself be enticed by our healthy delicacies or surprise your guests with a healthy power punch and enjoy the quiet time of Advent.

Alcohol-free and basic

Our Punch according to Hildegard of Bingen are rich in minerals and vitamins. Natural, free of preservatives and flavourings! They are popular with old and young. The non-alcohol Punch taste great as a breakfast drink. They can be diluted many times because they consist of concentrate. They are also ideal for sweetening and refining dishes. By the way, adults can spice up their power punch with a shot of red wine!

Quince, Mulberry & Co.

Cold pressed mulberry, quince, blackthorn, cornelian cherry and many spices make the full taste of fruit-punch concentrate a drinking experience.

Just like the mulberry punch concentrate, it contains vitamins A, B and C, which are easily absorbed by the blood. According to Hildegard, the mulberry is excellent for iron deficiency. The quince-punchconcentrate contains the purest quince juice. The pectin in the quince is particularly good for the joints.

Healthy pastries

The visit has not been announced and you stand there empty handed – or more appropriately, with an empty refrigerator? Do not panic, we all know well that Advent is the time of gluttony, as many are already over saturated with Vanilla crescent and heavy food. Serve your guests with our power punch. Prepare a pleasantly warm winter magic that will remind your guests of their most beautiful childhood moments!

There are still many healthy pastries according to Hildegard suitable for that. A stock of quince cuts Our Fit & Fix basic products are never wrong finish in no time.

Quince cuts – simply mix according to the package instructions, coat the rolled-up dough with quince jam and you’ll have delicious cakes. Try the mini-muffins, the cereal-fruit slices or the chestnut-cookie-baking mix.

There’s plenty of vitamins to snack on! Let yourself be enticed!

We wish you well !!