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This product was developed according to the subility theory of Hildegard of Bingen. The positive ingredients of Herba Mellis increase your vitality and joy of life. All of these effects are mainly due to the phytochemicals and essential oils and have been scientifically proven several times. The chestnut-herbal-honey mixture contains numerous vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, magnesium and iron. Herbal Mellis with the rediscovered healing power of sweet chestnut works:
  • regenerative
  • contributes to a healthy and supple skin
  • has a cell-renewing effect and mobilizes the immune system
  • aids the body in detoxifying and provides a hormonal balance
  • has a positive effect on hair, skin and nails
Experience the power of nature for your health, get fit with the chestnut-herbal-honey mixture Herba Mellis! This is what enthusiastic customers tell us about the Herba Mellis:     Theodor P. from Linz My husband recovered very quickly from his last illness because he took Herba Mellis 3x a day for the prescribed therapy. Hedwig S. from St. Pölten I can recommend Herba Mellis. After 3 months of use, my complexion has improved a lot. Overall, I have the feeling that I feel significantly better. Tanja Aichinger Gunskirchen My problem was the scalp. The skin was red and itched. I tried a few shampoos. No change. The itching is now spreading all over the body. I could not take anything because I was pregnant. My mother heard about Herba Mellis, so I tried it out. I first used the Bear root pear-honey treatment for cleaning and then I took Herba Mellis. After about 2 weeks I had no more complaints. I still take Herba Mellis and it did my child some good too. It had a very nice skin at birth. It also helped me a lot during breastfeeding, I hardly had any hair loss.   Our enthusiastic customers tell us these and much more. Just take a look at our Online Shop and look around. You are also welcome to visit us at any time in our health food store / Hildegard Health Center in Gunskirchen, Au by the Traun.  

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