Healthy start to the day

A good day starts with a healthy breakfast. Hildegard of Bingen knew that too. Those who start the morning with a full meal have more energy for everyday life. We have collected numerous breakfast ideas to give your morning a varied extra. Here’s the recipe for a healthy start to the day.
Healthy alternative to coffee

If you think you can’t make it without coffee in the morning, try our delicious fruit punch. Quince punch, mulberry punch or fruit punch are rich in vitamins and nutrients and are especially popular for children, hot or cold. As an alternatively, there is fennel tea, spelt coffee or the valuable full-fruit juices with mulberry, medlar or quince flavour.

Fresh pastry for the breakfast table

If you are in a hurry in the morning, it is best to go for the original spelt-fruit habermus. Just stir according to instructions on package and a full breakfast is ready. Fragrant, fresh and above all healthy pastry is not necessarily associated with the walk to the bakery. Simply and practically order our bread baking mixes for original spelt base bread, original spelt Hildegard full grain bread, base buns or the delicious Maroni or chestnut buns. If you can spare a little more time, grab the original spelt yeast dough and make delicious yeast dough pastry such as chestnut croissants and more.

Honey and jams with vitamins

Honey and jams from the Maria Adam range of natural products are perfect for this. Organic acacia flowers honey entirely forms the basis of our honey. Choose between the flavours of Galgant, Columbine, Pennyroyal, Quince, Galgant, sweet Chestnut or Plantain root. There is also a wide selection of jams. Chestnut buns and Co taste particularly delicious with quince jam, mulberry jam, medlar jam or quince jelly. At the same time you get the healthy kick for the day.