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Duckweed herbal drink treatment 6 + 1 bottle for free

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Packing unit: promotion treatment: 6 + 1 (free) x 500 ml

A high quality Hildegard wine for your well-being.

See here: Duckweed Folder

Carefully selected and professionally tested ingredients such as duckweed, cinnamon, ginger, sage, fennel, pepper, and other natural herbs form the basis of this herbal drink.
Duckweed Herbal Drink is prepared by us according to Hildegard’s original recipe.
Duckweed Herbal Drink is a drink supplement according to Hildegard of Bingen.

Read more about the wonderful effects of the duckweed herbal drink in the club magazine.

Hildegard of Bingen writes in her natural science book Physica:
“If the duckweed is added to other powerful substances, it reduces the amount of unnecessary fluids in humans. And whom vicht infests, should often soberly drink the duckweed drink and before bed. It prevents the bad fluids from appearing in a sober state or from forming after eating. “

Duckweed herbal drink – detoxifying, for balanced body fluid (see Hildegarde literature)

Herbal mixture in wine 8.7% alcohol content

Treat yourself twice a day. 1 liqueur glass (1/16 L) before breakfast and bedtime.

Recommended treatment: equivalent to 6 – 8 bottles



Duckweed (2%), Organic Wine, Bee Honey, Herbal mixture (from Ceylon Cinnamon, Ginger, White Pepper, Fennel, Sage, Mustard Seed, bedstraw)

Contains sulphites, (cinnamon, fennel, ginger, sage, field mustard, tormentil, white pepper, tansy)

Nutrition information in 100 ml:

Calorific value: 365 kj (87 kcal)
Protein: 0.15g
Carbohydrates: 10.11g
Fat: 0.0g

Artikelnummer: 33-AQ-13.1 Kategorie:
Artikelnummer: 33-AQ-13.1 Kategorie:
Artikelnummer: 33-AQ-13.1 Kategorie:

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