The fennel that makes you happy! Foeniculum vulgare (lat.)

The fennel that makes you happy! Foeniculum vulgare (lat.)

It is one of the few hundred percent healthy universal remedies in various forms of Hildegard therapy. In addition, fennel also provides fresh breathe.
Fennel early in the morning (preferably before breakfast) dispels grief and worries. Try our wonderful fennel balsam tea.
“The fennel, however it is eaten, makes people happy and gives them pleasant warmth (good blood circulation), good sweat and good digestion … Because one who eats fennel or its seed soberly, reduces the bad mucus or putrefaction in him/her and it suppresses the bad smell of ones breathe … “says abbess Hildegard of Bingen.

The many positive properties of fennel have been scientifically proven in the 20th century phytotherapy.

It is also quite popular with hobby gardeners. Its slightly sweet, spicy taste and fresh smell, is an indispensable part of local cuisine.

The essential oils are responsible for its healing properties. Fennel tea from whole grains, fennel mixed powder for seasoning or on the go in the practical tin as fennel tabs (pressed powder). Simply put it in your jacket or purse and practically always have it with you! The fennel also supports the body during therapeutic fasting! You can find it in many of our fasting products such as in fasting tea, or fasting soup.

A universal health product and an important culinary spice.
The fennel can easily be taken several times a day regardless of whether powder, tablets, vegetables or tea.

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