The quince – queen of fruits – health from nature

The quince – queen of fruits – health from nature

Taste our fresh, healthy and delicious quince products. Just before the first frost comes, the quince is ready for harvest. Our quinces are immediately processed fresh from the tree into our diverse quince products. The quince not only has a long history but is one of the most important remedies in Hildegard medicine.

Vitamin A, B, C, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, a lot of pectin and iron salts

The quince has been cultivated for more than 6,000 years. Even the Babylonians were particularly fond of the fruit and its digestive effect. Hippocrates praised it in the highest tones and quince has become an integral part of the Hildegard medicine. The fruit has more vitamin C than an apple and is also full of minerals. Iron, copper, zinc, sodium, fluorine, manganese and essential folic acid especially for pregnant women. There is also a lot of pectin in the quince.


Quince products

Although it is very tempting due to its beguiling scent, one should not eat the quince directly from the tree. Raw it is bitter and hard. But it tastes sweet and delicious when it is made into puree or jelly. If you don’t have a quince tree at home: no problem! We have lots of fresh quince products from the Hildegard garden for you. Try our Energy Drink White Angel, the Quince Punch, the Quince Juice, the Quince Jam or our many Fix and Ready-made Base Mixes with Quince. These ready-made mixes without additives are prepared in on time. Try the quince dessert, the quince pot dumplings or the quince dough. It is not just good, it also tastes delicious.

Our quince slices are also very popular – the Linzer Torte from the Hildegard kitchen!

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