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Maria Adam Katalog

Liebe Hildegard Freunde!! Unser neuer Produktkatalog ist eingetroffen Hier zum Reinschmökern: Maria Adam Gesamtkatalog 2021 Für alle, die Hildegard kennen und lieben haben wir unser Sortiment überarbeitet, das wir Euch nun im neuen Produktkatalog stolz präsentieren! Wir stellen alle unsere Produkte fachgerecht nach den Vorgaben der Äbtissin Hildegard von Bingen im eigenen Betrieb her. Zum Einsatz […]

Enthusiastic Herba Mellis customers reviews:

This product was developed according to the subility theory of Hildegard of Bingen. The positive ingredients of Herba Mellis increase your vitality and joy of life. All of these effects are mainly due to the phytochemicals and essential oils and have been scientifically proven several times. The chestnut-herbal-honey mixture contains numerous vitamins and minerals, such […]

The fennel that makes you happy! Foeniculum vulgare (lat.)

The fennel that makes you happy! Foeniculum vulgare (lat.) It is one of the few hundred percent healthy universal remedies in various forms of Hildegard therapy. In addition, fennel also provides fresh breath. Fennel early in the morning (preferably before breakfast) dispels grief and worries. Try our wonderful fennel balsam tea. „The fennel, however it […]

Who was the Saint Hildegard of Bingen?

Who was the Saint Hildegard of Bingen? Hardly can any medieval personality today enjoy as much attention as Hildegard of Bingen – one of the most important women of the German Middle Ages. She is regarded today in various circles to be the first German natural scientist, the first female doctor, an important politician of […]

The skin by Hildegard of Bingen

The skin is often referred to as the „mirror of the soul“. With a size of up to 2 m², it is also one of the largest and most amazing human organ. Many diseases of our skin are merely „symptoms“ of mental imbalance and / or malfunction in the digestive tract. Bear root pear-honey treatment […]

Healthy snacks for young and old

Original Spelt honey pops, nerve cookies and co strengthen the nerves and immune system! Breakfast cereals or cookies are particularly popular among children as snacks. But ingredients and additives of traditional sweets often leave something to be desired. They are also overloaded with sugar and everything but a healthy start to the day! Maria Adam […]

Hildegard of Bingen recipes

The basis for the Hildegard diet is uncrossed Original Spelt. Maria Adam Natural products uses only the Oberkulmer red corn variety . Eliminate industrially processed foods and wheat from your diet and replace them with healthy Hildegard food. Hildegard of Bingen Habermus For breakfast, Hildegard of Bingen recommends a warm cereal porridge. It lowers cholesterol […]

The easy fasting plan for body, mind and soul!

The easy fasting plan for body, mind and soul! Knives and forks are to blame for the fact that more and more people give up their spoons! Hildegard of Bingen on fasting: „If you are not completely healthy and not yet ill, moderate fasting brings health. Even the healthy should also take this treatment because […]